Book publisher, NewBookPublishing publishes children's books.

Anyone interested in writing will be happy to hear that publishing and sales of Christian fiction books are booming!

As with all fiction, the main purpose of publishing Christian fiction is to entertain, but the entertainment includes a Christian message carefully integrated into a story that captures and holds a reader’s interest.

Book publishing company, NewBookPublishing publishes children's books.Christian children’s books develop characters and follow plotlines similar to standard children’s fiction books, except that Christian children’s fiction books explore a Christian values theme.

As in standard children’s fiction, Christian children’s fiction books employ well-crafted imagery and fast-moving storylines to grab and hold their readers’ interest. Attention-getting, four-color illustrations provide fun for the readers and enhance the plot, further making clear the Christian beliefs and family values message inherent in the foundation upon which Christian children’s books are based.

"Why do I buy Christian children’s books for my 5-year-old son? Because he loves to read and what a great way for him to learn about God, but by doing something that he loves! I know that I can pick up a Christian children’s book and not worry about what my son will be learning. Not only is he learning, but he is also getting to know his God better! I can’t tell you what a joy it is to hear him tell me what he learned about God after reading one of his books. It just melts my heart!"
-Jennifer Smothers, marketing consultant for

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